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Appliance Repair in Phoenix, AZ

  • Same day service (in most cases)

  • Live Dispatch (not ansering service)

  •  Military, business and referral DiscountsSenior.

  • Extended repair warranty available

  • Weekend appointments available


Phone or text alerts when on the way with eta




A stove in Phoenix, AZ, after appliance repair service

  •   Servicing Metro Phoenix and the surrounding area

  • Guaranteed and Insured


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Refrigerator Repair

Experts at Action systems Solutions understand how important it is to have a worry free Appliance Repair experience. Our staff is dedicated to be well prepared for any requests.


Dishwasher Repair

Foggy, Spotty dishes? Taking too long to finish? 
We have specialist that know cause and effect of soap brands, types and take proper steps to address these issues. Correct diagnosis is the foundation to determine the correct path to take, repair or replace.


Dryer Repair


long dry times, no heat and noises are the most common issues. Sometimes it is a house voltage or air vent issue that reqiures a 3rd party to resolve such as wall vent cleaners or an electrician and being able to dignosis correctly alleviates the customer to buy a new dryer when that is not the cause of a no dry situation. Our technicians are highly trained to determine this and can advise accordingly.

Image by Raychan

Washing Machine

Smelly easher, noises and not draining are the most common issues and are usuallu cost effective to repair.
Customers need to know when it is cost effective to repair and when to move on...


Water Heater Repair

Gas or Electric, we have the parts to resolve any problems to get your water piping hot again.



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